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This is a great product, I love how it feels.The reason why I'm giving it 5 stars is because the feeling of the fabric is very soft and although is thin it has been perfect for my little one. His skin easily gets a rash and the softness of this fabric has been good for him. About the isze, I bought it for Dream on Me5 mattress for the Graco play yard Everest and fit fine.
Gislene Miranda
Hands down, the best place to buy these are on Amazon. They are super affordable, and you get 100 in this pack (usually Hario filters range about 4-6$ for 40 at retail locations). I work at a coffee shop, and even with my discount, these are a better price.
P.S. Pro tip for you, I recommend rinsing them with hot water before steeping with your ground coffee. It helps to get some of the "paper taste" away. But it's very minimal!
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